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Hello Daniel,

I agree there is no issue if I dont' libtoolize.

But it is possible to be modified $(topdir)/libtool.m4 by the other project subdir.
Once $(topdir)/libtool.m4 was modified, all libtool commands recommend
to run libtoolize.

And there seems it is difficult to find libtool-2.1a which binutils uses.
I couldn't find at, and also any tags on libtools's CVS repository.

I feel it's a time to upgrade libtool.


On 2008/03/26, at 21:20, Daniel Jacobowitz wrote:
On Wed, Mar 26, 2008 at 01:54:02PM +0900, Masaki Muranaka wrote:
Hello binutils hackers,

In case there is no AC_CONFIG_MACRO_DIR, libtoolize hunts for
(My libtoolize version is 2.2 ... I'm not sure whether it's similar on
previous version)

I recommend you don't re-libtoolize binutils, or try to use newer autoconf / automake; it only works correctly with the versions in use (autoconf 2.59, I'm not sure about version numbers for the others).

Daniel Jacobowitz

Masaki Muranaka Monami Software

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