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Re: New ELF linker code added to GNU binutils

On Tue, 25 Mar 2008, Ian Lance Taylor wrote:

> I think a separate version for gold makes sense during this
> development period.  In the future it may make sense to simply fold it
> into the usual GNU binutils version number.  I'd be happy to hear
> other opinions.

There are various configure tests out there (in GCC (more than one such 
test) and glibc at least, maybe elsewhere) that parse ld --version output 
and try to decode a version number from it.  (The GNU Coding Standards say 
they can just take the number after the last space on the first line of 
--version output, but various past ld versions aren't compatible with 
that.)  These tests could easily get confused with anything too different 
from the present output (and I'd rather they didn't grow yet more cases, 
but instead moved towards just taking the last word from the first line).  
Now, if gold isn't ready to build glibc (or otherwise is missing a feature 
decided by a version test) then maybe you'd consider it a feature if glibc 
decides it's ld version 1.4 and so refuses to build with it....

Joseph S. Myers

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