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Re: [patch][new port] Toshiba Media Processor (MeP)

Hi Dave,

Attached is a patch for existing files, the contents of new files and ChangeLog entries.

Seeking approval to commit.

I have some issues with this patch:

* mep.binutils.ChangeLog: Surely we do not need the entire set of Red Hat local ChangeLog entries for this port. A single entry specifying which new files have been added and which generic files have been modified would be better.

* The MeP files in the opcodes directory are missing, as are the GAS and LD mep specific testsuite directories.

* The file is only copyright'ed to Red Hat, there is no assignment of the copyright to the FSF.

* You do not mention it, but I assume that there is a patch to the top level config.sub file that is being submitted to the config project to add support for the mep target ?

* The patch does appear to have a dependency upon the complex relocs patch that you also submitted - the function mep_info_to_howto_rela() in bfd/elf32-mep.c uses it.


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