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Re: [PATCH] Fix Score bugs.

Hi Nick,

Nick Clifton <> wrote on 2007-01-19 19:02:02:

> Hi Mei,
> > Would you please tell me more information about _() and translation?
> _() should be used when you have some text that is going to be displayed 

> to the user and you want to allow for the possibility of translating it 
> into the user's desired language.  Have a look at the gettext project 
> website (which provides the _() function) and which has extensive online 

> documentation available:
> The important point for this particular thread I think is that there is 
> no need to translate assembler syntax.  Assembler syntax is a language 
> in its own right and it does not make sense to attempt to translate this 

> artificial, constructed language into a spoken, human language.  Hence 
> pieces of code like this:
>    sprintf (append_str, _("mlfh! %s"), backupstr);
> do not really make sense, since there will never be a translation of the 

> "mlfh" opcode into some other language.
> Anyway, please take a look at the attached patch which I believe will 
> address all of the _() issues currently in the tc-score.c file.  If you 
> are happy with it, feel free to apply it, or ping me and I will apply it 

> myself.

I have understood the use of _() and looked at the attached patch.
You may apply it.
Thanks a lot.
> Cheers
>    Nick
> gas/ChangeLog
>    * tc-score.c: Remove unnecessary uses of _().
>    Make the err_msg[] a file level local array in order to save
>    storage space.
>    Remove unnecessary sprintf()s.

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