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--divide semantics for PREFIX_SEPARATOR

.stabstr listed as discarded

2.6.19-rc2 has ld error for ppc64

68hc11 warning fix

[ADMINISTRIVIA] lost email

[committed] Allow reloc-1-n64.d to pass on LP64 hosts

[committed] Fix MIPS rel32-n32.d failures

Re: [parisc-linux] [patch] Remove magic constant from gas/tc-hppa.c

[patch committed] Fix some sh64 FAILs [1]

[patch committed] Fix some sh64 FAILs [2]

[patch committed] Fix some sh64 FAILs [3]

[patch committed] Fix some sh64 test cases for empty sections

[patch committed] Fixup ld-sh tests

Re: [patch ping] change linux-gnu* -> linux* in libtool files

[Patch, commited]: Fix compile time warning in tc-spu.c

[patch/rfa] CFI support for hppa target

[patch/rfc] new configure option for bfd for inserting vendor version info

Re: [patch] Add arm .object_arch directive

[PATCH] Add FreeBSD header to elf64-sparc

[PATCH] add one item to --target-help message for Score

[PATCH] Add the new Cell instructions to the PPC as

[patch] ARM EABI attribute merging

[patch] ARM mapping symbols and disassembly

[patch] ARM Thumb object symbols.

[patch] Armvt interworking stub fix

[patch] Automatically mark Thumb functions.

[patch] better error output from ar when given a directory

[PATCH] First Cell PPU patch

[PATCH] Fix --dynamic-list

[PATCH] fix another gprof option problem

RE: [PATCH] Fix dlls for non underscored targets.

Re: [PATCH] Fix DW_CFA_set_loc handling

[PATCH] fix gprof's option parsing

[PATCH] Fix Score bugs, please review it.

[PATCH] Fix Score gas bugs, please review it.

[PATCH] Fix some bugs for Score

[PATCH] Fix some bugs for Score, please review it.

[PATCH] Fix sparc .plt sh_entsize

[PATCH] Full POWER6 binutils support

[patch] Incorect encodig of ARM VFP fconst


Re: [patch] NEON immediate pseudo-inteructions

[patch] NEON vext error

[PATCH] Prevent local labels from showing on the symbol table in arm coff targets.

Re: [patch] Prevent the linker from crashing.

[patch] Remove magic constant from gas/tc-hppa.c

Re: [patch] respect LIBPATH_SUFFIX with non-sysroot cross-compiles

[PATCH] Support for R_ARM_MOVW_BREL_NC et al.

[PATCH]: Fix for broken PE auto-importing.

[PATCH]: Simple ld/pe-dll.c cleanups.

Re: [patch][rfc]: Update sh64 Simulator to Match Pending CGEN Changes

[RFC] Per .section/.subsection .cfi_* directives

[RFH] About dlltool --output-exp --add-indirect.

[SH] 0x on hex numbers in disassembly

[SH] Line numbers and delayed branches

Add an R_MIPS_GLOB_DAT relocation

Add PIE support for Xtensa

AIX 4.3

Allocate a spare PT_NULL header for dynamic MIPS objects

assembling output of objdump dissassembly

break statements

Can't Resolve External Symbol When Subtracting

changing the entry point

A couple of powerpc tests

Deleting sections with libbfd

Don't add DT_DEBUG to MIPS shared libraries

Doxygen and bfd code

Dynamic linking to specific .so versions

Dynamic section symbols, ignored output sections

eh_frame_hdr generation quirk


errors converting PE executable to ELF using objcopy

Fix crash in readelf

Fix MIPS elf-rel-got-*.d tests

Fix overflow in addend_compare

Fix placement of .rel.dyn on MIPS

fix powerpc64 ld segfault

Fix the size of .rel.dyn on MIPS

fix Xtensa ld's handling of XCC exception tables

gas patch: Check TC_EOL_IN_INSN in input-scrub.c

Re: Generate DW_AT_ranges for non-contiguous code

get_section_by_name in libbfd

GNU_HASH section format

Re: Google group for generic System V Application Binary Interface

h8300 consts

h8300 elf linker script

handling of empty LD_RUN_PATH ?

How to do patching?

How to tell objcopy to create ELF program header

Improve biarch x86-linux support


re: Just out Have you ever wanted to impress your girl?

Re: Labels in Instruction and data directives

ld and holes in the address space

ld not linking supplied symbols

ld preference for .a instead of .so on ELF systems

ld warning, allocated section not in segment

ld: --gc-sections incompatible with --emit-relocs ?

ldgram.y warnings

Libiberty demangling - new demangler - expected behaviour

Re: Linker Bug or Design Intent (Absolute symbols in zero sized sections)

mail to MAXQ maintainer is bouncing

Make arm*linux* support both big and little endian

Make PT_DYNAMIC just include .dynamic on non-SGI MIPS targets

mn10300: clarify a diagnostic

New Chinese (simplified) PO file for `gprof'

New port to Cell SPU

Old binutils bug? R_386_NONE

options silently ignored when linking certain executables

PATCH: add an assert to gas/dw2gencfi.c

PATCH: add an assertion to gas/write.c

PATCH: Add support for Change in POPCNT opcode in AMDFAM10 architecture.

PATCH: adjust bfd_elf_set_dyn_lib_class prototype

Re: PATCH: binutils/3384: readelf displays shortened program interpreter path

PATCH: binutils/3384: readelf displays shortened program interpreter path

PATCH: Check limits.h and sys/param.h for ld

PATCH: comment ld/lexsup.c

Re: PATCH: Enable some additionally testcases for mingw64

PATCH: fix some bugs in bfd/coff-maxq.c

Re: PATCH: ld/3290: "ld -s" leaves absolute symbol in DSO

PATCH: ld/3351: aborting at elflink.c line 6778 in elf_link_check_versioned_symbol

PATCH: libiberty doc fix

Re: PATCH: PR binutils/3281: objcopy changes PT_GNU_RELRO when there is PT_TLS

Re: PATCH: PR ld/3111: LD very slow linking object files containing dwarf2 symbols

PATCH: PR ld/3314: ELF linker aligns empty section

Re: PATCH: readelf: don't ignore relocation against symbols without type

PATCH: remove impossible case from gas/expr.c:expr

PATCH: remove some unreachable breaks

PATCH: robustify bfd/linker.c:archive_hash_newfunc

PATCH: trivial tidyup in bfd/reloc.c

Ping Re: Make arm*linux* support both big and little endian

powerpc64 comment fix

PR ld/3107

Prevent overflow for large MIPS binaries with TLS

Problem with AMD64 ld with linker script

Problem with building cross-compilers: how to fix?

Progress with the DLX backend

A public discussion group for IA32 psABI


Remove unnecessary Xtensa file for ld

Resolve symbols for object files in link script

Results for 2.17.50 20061018 testsuite on i686-pc-cygwin

Results for 2.17.50 20061018 testsuite on i686-pc-linux-gnu

Results for 2.17.50 20061018 testsuite on sparc-unknown-linux-gnu

RFC: Mark discarded debug info more thoroughly

Re: RFC: TLS improvements for IA32 and AMD64/EM64T

Re: Robustify use-thumb-lib

Special ELF section flags vs. linker-specified bfd flags

Stabilize .rel.dyn sort on MIPS

Stepping down as SH maintainer

Union creation problem with GAS

An unreviewed patch

update bfd for Xtensa to match other ports

update Xtensa ld scripts

Use .reginfo rather than .MIPS.options in n32 linker scripts

the way ld evaluates and chooses libraries

Why isn't 'w' suffix allowed on FP instructions with 16bit integer operand?

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