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Re: [parisc-linux] [patch] Remove magic constant from gas/tc-hppa.c

Le dimanche 22 octobre 2006 Ã 14:13 -0400, John David Anglin a Ãcrit :
> > +  {"%fr10",  bfd_mach_hppa10,  10 + FP_REG_BASE},
> > +  {"%fr10l", bfd_mach_hppa10,  10 + FP_REG_BASE},
> > +  {"%fr10r", bfd_mach_hppa10,  10 + FP_REG_BASE + FP_REG_RSEL},
> The "fr" entries needs more work now that you have added bfd_mach
> values.  bfd_mach_hppa10 only had 16 FP registers (0 to 15) and
> the left and right halves were not accessible.  In bfd_mach_hppa11,
> 16 additional FP registers were added and the left and right
> halves became independently accessible.

Thanks, I've updated the table with this now.  It occurs to me that I'm
initializing the table too early, though.  A LEVEL op would come too
late to do anything.  I'll rework the logic on that before I resend.

> > +#  ifdef TE_NetBSD
> > +#  define ELF_TARGET_FORMAT       "elf32-hppa-netbsd"
> > +#  define ELF64_TARGET_FORMAT     "elf64-hppa-linux"
> The above line appears to be a typo.  However, the elf64-hppa-netbsd
> output format isn't defined yet.

The current tc-hppa.c has:

#include "bfd/elf64-hppa.h"
#if defined (TE_LINUX) || defined (TE_NetBSD)
#define TARGET_FORMAT "elf64-hppa-linux"

So this preserves current behaviour.

Jeff Bailey -

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