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Re: [parisc-linux] [patch] Remove magic constant from gas/tc-hppa.c

Le samedi 21 octobre 2006 Ã 12:46 -0600, Matthew Wilcox a Ãcrit :

> >    /* Set the default machine type.  */
> > -  if (!bfd_set_arch_mach (stdoutput, bfd_arch_hppa, DEFAULT_LEVEL))
> > +#if TARGET_ARCH_SIZE == 64
> > +  if (!bfd_set_arch_mach (stdoutput, bfd_arch_hppa, bfd_mach_hppa10))
> > +#else
> > +  if (!bfd_set_arch_mach (stdoutput, bfd_arch_hppa, bfd_mach_hppa20w))
> > +#endif
> >      as_warn (_("could not set architecture and machine"));
> >  
> >    /* Folding of text and data segments fails miserably on the PA.
> My personal preference would be to see this patch as:
>  #if TARGET_ARCH_SIZE == 64
> -#define DEFAULT_LEVEL 25
> +#define DEFAULT_LEVEL bfd_mach_hppa20w
>  #else
> -#define DEFAULT_LEVEL 10
> +#define DEFAULT_LEVEL bfd_mach_hppa10
>  #endif
> ... particularly since you seem to have got them the wrong way round in
> this patch.

Oh, whups.  /me wonders with which toolchain he used to build the test

I opted for eliminating the DEFAULT_LEVEL because it's not clear at a
glance what it's a level of, it's only used in that one place, and the
construct isn't used in any of the other architectures.

In the tc-sparc.c file, they set a variable "mach" and just use that.  I
can do the same.  I'll cook it and resend after my afternoon honey-do's.

> I'd also dearly love it if someone could unify the hppa and hppa64 ports
> so we don't have to build two toolchains for one port.  Just like sparc,
> mips, s390 and i386.

In my local tree, I've been playing with extracting pieces out for use
in both with that in mind.  I'm a ways away from it.  I also don't have
an hppa-hpux system to test against, so I'm worried about accidentally
breaking that.  I should solve that and send some of the obvious pieces
of the hppa64-linux port in.

Jeff Bailey -

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