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RE: Doxygen and bfd code

Le dimanche 08 octobre 2006 Ã 15:14 +0100, Dave Korn a Ãcrit :

>   BFD already has its own standard for internal documentation.  You should
> follow that.  Adding doxygen comments would have the twin disadvantages of
> requiring a new tool as part of the build process, and generating two separate
> and incomplete subsets of documentation in two incompatible formats.  Take a
> look at bfd.c; all those comments with instructions like 'SECTION',
> 'SUBSECTION', 'FUNCTION' etc. are pulled together during the build process and
> used to compile the bfd internals manual.

Ah cool.  I haven't looked at the bfd manual in years, but if there's an
existing format I can document in, that should be good enough.

I'll go digging and see what I can add.

Jeff Bailey

Although when you're in the situation that RMS is telling you that
you're being too ideological about freedom, maybe, just maybe, it's
- Matthew Wilcox

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