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Re: Resolve symbols for object files in link script

Hi Tzu-Chien,

Hello, everyone:

It seems to me that the order LD resolves symbols is:

(1) the object files listed in the command line
(2) the object files listed in the link script

If I recalled correctly, each archive is opened only once, unless
otherwise specified. If libc.a, libm.a, libgcc,a are opened in the
step (1), the symbol in those archived won't be resolved in step (2).

As Ian pointed out the linker script is scanned at the point that it is mentioned on the command line, so you could resolve your problem like this:

ld <list of object files> -T<linker script> --start-group <libraries> --end-group

I'm porting a
large software and I have to manually put the object files into
different sections. GCC __attribute__ is not feasible, because there
are thousands of functions in each object file.

Is there any way to build these object files into different directories depending upon which section you want them to inhabit in the executable ? If so then you could use the regexp capabilities of the linker script to save yourself from manually mentioning each file. eg:

    .a : { a/*.o } > ram
    .b : { b/*.o } > ram


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