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Re: ld and holes in the address space

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On Mon, Oct 02, 2006 at 02:41:20PM -0700, Greg McGary wrote:
> I have an employer who desires that ld be able to populate the .text
> address space around "holes".  The addresses and sizes of the holes
> will be declared in the linker script.
> A naive implementation will fit as many complete objects as possible
> up to a hole's start address, then link the next object after the
> hole's end address.

Until you have your perfect solution, will it help to use GCC's
- -ffunction-sections or the equivalent in whatever compiler you're using?

I don't know if one could do what you want safely in the general case.
Maybe if you teach the compiler to emit relocs that say "it's safe to
jump over a hole here", and then teach the linker to put those spanning
jumps there?

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