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Re: Smpeg MMX asm compilation (problem)

Thanks all-
how do you call macros in GNU as?- I've tried copying examples from the net but gas complains about the syntax.
Or do I need to be running the file through GCC instead to use the #define's?

A few more questions:
from mmxflags_asm.S:
What is .Lfe1?
Is it a register, a function call?

Is there a table somewhere for all the different "@" types and their respective int's (ie @object, @function, etc)?

And I'm now looking at*checkout*/cvs/smpeg/video/mmxidct_asm.S?rev=1.7
which's even more complicated. How do I go about converting something like this?

I am absolutely astounded at the lack of documentation on this stuff, on the web- usually when I'm researching something I can google it in about 15 minutes, even when it's relatively obscure-
but pages on differences between COFF/PE & ELF syntax are naught, and COFF pages seem scarce- any useful URL's you have would be... useful?
Thanks again,

Simplified example, from code found in some places in gnu sources:

#ifdef __ELF__
# define TYPE(x) .type x,@function
# define SIZE(x) .size x, . - x
# define TYPE(x) .def x; .scl 2; .type 32; .endef
# define SIZE(x)

Pedro Alves

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