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Re: [Patch] Fix for bug 3000

On Mon, Aug 14, 2006 at 07:53:59PM -0400, Meissner, Michael wrote:
> I committed the enclosed patch that Dwarak Rajagopal has submitted and
> was approved by H. J.

Thanks.  Could you also please correct the GNU formatting problems with
this patch?

- Two spaces, not a tab, in the ChangeLog header; the opcodes/ChangeLog
entry doesn't look like the rest of the file.
- Capital letters at the beginning of ChangeLog entries (": Ditto.").
- Consistent English spacing in changelog entries:

> 	* i386-dis.c (MXC,EMC): Define.

Space after comma.

> 	(prefix_user_table): Modified  cvtpi2pd,cvtpd2pi and cvttpd2pi 
> 	instruction operands in PREGRP2,PREGRP3,PREGRP4 appropriately 
> 	with EMC/MXC.

Spaces after commas, no double spaces between words.  I'm not sure what
this entry actually says, but then I don't speak x86, so that's not a
problem :-)

> +static void OP_EMC (int,int);
> +static void OP_MXC (int,int);

Spaces after commas again.

> +/* cvt* are the only instructions in sse2 which have 
> +   both SSE and MMX operands and also have 0x66 prefix 
> +   in their opcode. 0x66 was originally used to differentiate 
> +   between SSE and MMX instruction(operands). So we have to handle the 
> +   cvt* separately using OP_EMC and OP_MXC */

Two spaces between sentences, periods at the end of comments.  Probably
a space before the beginning parenthesis?

Daniel Jacobowitz

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