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RE: Problems linking PSIM programs

Nick -

I retried the build this morning, and this time it seems to be working.
The difference, as far as I can tell, was my search path setting.  For
the build that failed, I had pared my search path down to the bare
minimum - perhaps a little too bare.  This morning, I merely removed any
links to other installed GNU cross compilers.  Then I cleared the build
directory, reconfigured, and remaked.  The build / install just
completed successfully.

Concerning the original problem with gcc-2.95.3, and the failed link for
the PowerPC simulator, I get the impression that this compiler just has
the link command scripted incorrectly.  If I "re-script" the link
command (using an appropriate powerpc-eabi-ld command in a Makefile),
the link completes correctly, and I can run the executable using
powerpc-eabi-run just fine.  I'll be happy to share further details with
anyone who cares to know, but I imagine this might not be of much
general interest (given the old versions involved).

Thanks again to all for your assistance.

Barry Wealand

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From: Nick Clifton [] 
Sent: Tuesday, August 15, 2006 4:49 AM
To: Wealand, Barry
Cc: Joel Sherrill; H. J. Lu;
Subject: Re: Problems linking PSIM programs

Hi Barry,

> For sake of completeness, I've attempted to build binutils 2.17 as 
> suggested, also for a Linux host and powerpc-eabi target.  This does 
> not build (using native gcc 3.3.4 on the Linux machine).

Well this definitely should work.  I have a built powerpc-eabi toolchain

on my machine using the 2.17 sources and it completed OK.

> A whole slew of
> errors are reported when building bfd, compiling module elf32-ppc.c. 
> The errors seem to occur in an include file, elf32-target.h, the first

> from line 468:
> elf32-target.h:468: error: `false' undeclared (not in a function)

This presumably indicates that the definition of 
"elf_backend_can_make_lsda_relative_eh_frame" is "false" instead of 

> Have I missed any new required steps for configuring and building 
> binutils-2.17?  (2.12 configures and builds on this machine just 
> fine.)

Yes.  But it is hard to say exactly what has gone wrong.  It looks like 
you are getting hold of some old header of configuration files 
somewhere.  (The "false" type was removed from the binutils sources a 
while ago now).

Did you build in an entirely clean environment ?  (If not, please try 
this).  Otherwise, please could you show us the other error messages you

are getting, and also the command lines you are using to configure and 
build the binutils ?


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