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Re: Problems linking PSIM programs

Hi Barry,

For sake of completeness, I've attempted to build binutils 2.17 as
suggested, also for a Linux host and powerpc-eabi target.  This does not
build (using native gcc 3.3.4 on the Linux machine).

Well this definitely should work. I have a built powerpc-eabi toolchain on my machine using the 2.17 sources and it completed OK.

A whole slew of
errors are reported when building bfd, compiling module elf32-ppc.c.
The errors seem to occur in an include file, elf32-target.h, the first
from line 468:

elf32-target.h:468: error: `false' undeclared (not in a function)

This presumably indicates that the definition of "elf_backend_can_make_lsda_relative_eh_frame" is "false" instead of "bfd_false".

Have I missed any new required steps for configuring and building
binutils-2.17?  (2.12 configures and builds on this machine just fine.)

Yes. But it is hard to say exactly what has gone wrong. It looks like you are getting hold of some old header of configuration files somewhere. (The "false" type was removed from the binutils sources a while ago now).

Did you build in an entirely clean environment ? (If not, please try this). Otherwise, please could you show us the other error messages you are getting, and also the command lines you are using to configure and build the binutils ?


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