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Re: [PATCH] Support for Thread Local Storage Descriptors in ARM platform

On Tue, 2006-08-15 at 01:29, Glauber de Oliveira Costa wrote:
> Hello All,
> Troughout the last months, Alexandre Oliva and I developed an ABI
> extension to allow ARM binaries to benefit from his newly devised TLS
> Descriptor method for accessing TLS variables
> (
> Our proposed ABI can be found at
> ,  and a paper describing the ARM implementation, to be presented at
> Linux Kongress in the first week of September at
> We
> there describes some results we've got, that indicates a speedup of
> more than 2 times for the most common case.
> Attached to this message, follows the GNU linker and assembler part of
> the work. Please, feel free to send me feedbacks on the
> implementation, and consider it for merging.

Sorry, you can't just claim relocations like this.  The allocation
process has to be co-ordinated by the ARM EABI, since the numbers you
have used may have been requested by some other third party.  If you are
at the stage where you believe you have proved your model then you
should make a formal request (you can do that via me).


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