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[PATCH]: Fix ld bug triggered in arm-*-pe (?)

Hi all,

While doing the arm-pe/arm-wince-pe split, I noticed that
the ld/ld-scripts/script.exp [script] test would fail for arm-wince-pe but not for arm-epoc-pe.

Here is the script.t file for reference (with minor editing for better mail reading):

 .text 0x100 : { text_start = .;  *(.text)  *(.pr)  text_end = .; }
 . = 0x1000;
 .data : { data_start = .; *(.data) *(.rw) data_end = .; }

Without the attached patch, I am getting a data_start == 0x00000104, that is, the dot assignment
is being lost.

nm output:
        U .bss
00000104 d .data
00000100 t .text

I traced it to the fact that the default section alignment for arm-wince-pe/arm-pe is 0x1000
while for arm-epoc-pe it is 0x400.
If I change 0x1000 to something else, say 0x1010, and retest in arm-wince-pe,
the dot assign is *not* ignored. If I change the 0x1000 to 0x400 and test with arm-epoc-pe,
I get the same bug.
I tried reproducing with i686-pc-cygwin, but I couldn't.
This may have something to do with the ".glue_7*" sections not being present there.

The attached patch fixes the problem, but I am not sure if I'm not fixing
the symptom instead.

Tested on arm-pe, arm-wince-pe, arm-epoc-pe and i686-pc-cygwin for regressions.

Pedro Alves


2006-08-14 Pedro Alves <>

   * ldlang.c (lang_size_sections_1, lang_assignment_statement_enum):
   Adjust the current address of DEFAULT_MEMORY_REGION even
   when dot hasn't changed.

Index: ldlang.c
RCS file: /cvs/src/src/ld/ldlang.c,v
retrieving revision 1.233
diff -u -p -r1.233 ldlang.c
--- ldlang.c	8 Aug 2006 16:08:47 -0000	1.233
+++ ldlang.c	14 Aug 2006 20:34:28 -0000
@@ -4535,7 +4535,7 @@ lang_size_sections_1
-	    if (newdot != dot && !output_section_statement->ignored)
+	    if (!output_section_statement->ignored)
 		if (output_section_statement == abs_output_section)
@@ -4544,8 +4544,8 @@ lang_size_sections_1
 		    lang_memory_region_lookup (DEFAULT_MEMORY_REGION,
 					       FALSE)->current = newdot;
-		else
-		  {
+		else if (newdot != dot)
+        {
 		    /* Insert a pad after this statement.  We can't
 		       put the pad before when relaxing, in case the
 		       assignment references dot.  */

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