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Re: readelf/objdump segment size doesn't match symbol table sizes

On Thu, Aug 10, 2006 at 02:38:38PM -0700, showard wrote:
> >Alignment: empty padding space between symbols.
> Is there any good way to account for this padding? I am trying to reconcile
> the figures. What I want to know is that when readelf reports that a
> particular function takes up x number of bytes of memory, then it indeed
> uses that number of bytes, and not more.

Sorry, the question doesn't make any sense.  I think you don't have
enough context on what a symbol is, and what its size means - basically
nothing.  It's informative only.  You can use it for measurement, but
not to e.g. copy the code around.

> >Also, potentially, symbols whose sizes are not set; anything with st_size
> == 0 is somewhat
> suspect.
> Meaning that the sizes of these symbols will be determined at runtime?

Symbol tables are never used at runtime and symbol sizes are almost
never needed at runtime.  Everything in the loading process is handled
by the program header table.

Daniel Jacobowitz

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