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Re: [PATCH] : Correct ARM_RVA32 value in pe images generation for arm Windows CE.

Hi Pedro,

Can anyone point me to a list of which platforms use arm-pe?
What is this epoc arm target used for?

I don't know for sure, but the only EPOC I'm familiar with is the image
format used for SymbianOS.

The arm-epoc-pe target was for the SymbianOS. The epoc qualifier was added to distinguish it from the WinCE targeted PE format version. Ideally arm-pe should have been dropped, but it never was.

So, I guess there is arm-pe, and arm-epoc-pe, both
supporting Symbian targets (different SDK versions??),

By now the answer is probably yes. At the time the arm-epoc-pe target was introduced, the answer was no.

[target]             [bfd image format]
arm-pe               pei-arm-little
arm-epoc-pe          epoc-pei-arm-little
arm-wince-pe         pei-arm-little

If I am correct, then problem is that arm-pe and arm-wince-pe use the
same bfd format names, but they aren't really the same.
The reloc id numbers are different, and wince doesn't use underscores
while arm-pe does, among other differences.

Should I rename wince's bfd format? wince-pei-arm-little? Then, I would
just add a new entry to pe_detail_list[] with the correct values.

Yes, this would be a very good idea.


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