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Re: [RFC] handling of forward references in expressions

>>>> another solution to the original problem, or do I need to go through all
>>>> affected targets and find where they make those incorrect assumptions?
>>> I think that you (or rather we)
>> Does that mean you'd accept a patch that breaks (i.e. results in additional
>> testsuite failures) two or three targets...
>Hmm, tell me which targets first...

The ones my cross-target testing found (meaning this list may be incomplete) were
- hppa64-unknown-linux-gnu (3 failed tests, all apparently for the same reason)
- hppa-unknown-linux-gnu (likewise)
- i586-pc-aout (1 failed test)

>>> do need to go through all the affected 
>>> targets and fix them.  Sorry. :-(
>> ... or is it really meant to say I should (try to) fix targets I don't even have
>> the slightest knowledge about?
>No, but if you can give an outline of what needs to be fixed, I am 
>willing to have a go at repairing the broken targets.  Fixing one such 
>target yourself and showing me^H^Hthe list how you did it would also be 
>very helpful.

I'll try to, but it'll be a while until I'll have some spare cycles to turn to this.


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