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Re: Generate DW_AT_ranges for non-contiguous code

Hi Sterling,

This enclosed (fixed) patch adds support for DW_AT_ranges when assembly code is noncontiguous. See: for a discussion of the problem this is addressing.

Does it really ? I tried using a patched set of sources and I found that GDB was still unable to report the file or line number of either 'main' or 'foo' when they were in different sections.

I believe Tensilica's copyright assignment is already on file.

It is.

One issue here is that this particular usage of DW_AT_ranges is dwarf 3,
and gas emits 2 for the dwarf version number. Don't know the right thing
to do there. Bumping the version number for this seems extreme.

Hmm, have you tried bumping the version number and seeing how it affects GDB ? I am thinking that maybe it is the right thing to do, although it may be necessary to add another GAS command line switch to disable the generation of DWARF3 specific debug info for environments with debuggers that cannot handle it.


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