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Re: mn10300 relaxing bug

Hi DJ,

[Sorry - hit send too soon].

Fun question here: The mn10300 uses function symbols to keep track of
which relaxations are possible (i.e. it's a flags field in the symtab
hash).  However, when relaxing C++ thunks there are cases where you
have two symbols referring to the start of one function.  In this
case, sometimes one symbol indicates that the call->calls relaxation
can happen, but the other one says it can't.  So, the relaxation
happens and half the calls work and the other crash.

How are we supposed to deal with this?

Use something other than function symbols to keep track of this information ? eg a separate section with a map of flags for entry point addresses ?

FYI I've come up with this patch so far, which looks for multiple
local symbols with the same address, so it can merge the flags.

This also seems to be a reasonable solution.

Passes ld's make-check plus the application which showed the problem.

For something like this, I would be more happy with it not introducing any regressions into the G++ testsuite for the mn10300...

+	qsort (entries, static_count, sizeof(entries[0]), sort_by_value);
+	for (i=0; i<static_count-1; i++)
+	  if (entries[i]->value && entries[i]->value == entries[i+1]->value)
+	    {
+	      int v = entries[i]->flags;
+	      int j;
+	      for (j=i+1; j<static_count && entries[j]->value == entries[i]->value; j++)
+		v |= entries[j]->flags;
+	      for (j=i; j<static_count && entries[j]->value == entries[i]->value; j++)
+		entries[j]->flags = v;
+	      i = j-1;
+	    }
+      }

Hmm - is this going to make the mn10300 port very slow at linking ?

Anyway the patch looks OK to me, so if you are happy with it please feel free to apply it.


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