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[OT] RE: Can't get binutils to build on Cygwin

On 03 August 2006 13:36, wrote:

> Dave Korn wrote:
>>  [ ...snip... ]
>>   Isn't the underlying problem that the input /should not have/ CR/LF line
>> ends at all in the first place?
>>  Given that binutils source files don't come with CRLF line endings, the
>> real solution could well be:- 
>>   "Use cygwin tar to unpack the binutils tarball, because using winzip
>> mangles the line ends." 
>>   Malanda?  Did you use any kind of GUI tool to unpack the tarball?  Or did
>> you unpack it on a textmode mountpoint?
> Yes, I'm afraid winzip did the damage.  Using Cygwin tar fixes it.  Lesson
> learned!

  :)  Did it myself a few times when I first started using cygwin!  There /is/
an option in winzip that tells it not to convert line-ends, or there are
text-mode mountpoints or d2u to convert them all for you, but that's not the
only issue with using winzip; it doesn't know how to properly set perms or
unpack symlinks, for example.  So stick with the command line tar and you
should avoid all these issues.

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....	

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