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RE: Can't get binutils to build on Cygwin

On 02 August 2006 11:29, Nick Clifton wrote:

>> Thanks for the help and suggestions so far.  I've tracked down the problem
>> to being an incompatibility between 'configure' in binutils 2.17, and sed
>> 4.1.5, which Cygwin is currently distributing.  If I regress to sed 4.1.4,
>> it works ok.
>> The question is: sed bug or configure bug?
> Neither, it is a filesystem problem.  I asked a Cygwin expert with
> familiarity with SED about the problem and she said:
>> This is a line-ending problem.  The older SED binary does automatic
>> conversion from CR/LF to LF lineendings, thus breaking binary input.

 [ ...snip... ]

>> The newer SED does not do this automatic conversion and treats the
>> input as binary input.  CR/LF lineendings on input are thus treated
>> as lines with LF lineendings and having a CR as last character on the
>> line, same as on other POSIX systems.  The problem here is apparently
>> that the input is in DOS CR/LF format.  It should be converted to LF
>> lineendings before using it.

  Isn't the underlying problem that the input /should not have/ CR/LF line
ends at all in the first place?

> So either you can stick with the older version of SED, (after all if it
> works for you then why change ?), or else you can use the newer version
> of SED and the "tr" command or your favorite editor to fix up the input
> files that are causing the problems and replace CR/LF with LF.

  Given that binutils source files don't come with CRLF line endings, the real
solution could well be:-

  "Use cygwin tar to unpack the binutils tarball, because using winzip mangles
the line ends."

  Malanda?  Did you use any kind of GUI tool to unpack the tarball?  Or did
you unpack it on a textmode mountpoint?

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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