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Re: Are _etext, _edata, _end broken?

DJ Delorie <> writes:

>> o Why is _etext is not equal to the virtual address of the .data
>> section (in the elf binary) ?
> Why should it be?  It's the end of the .text section, not the
> beginning of the data section.

Usually the .rodata section immediately follows at the address of _etext,
but that doesn't mark the boundary between read-only and read-write
segments (there is no predefined symbol for this).

>> o And also _edata is not the virtual addess of the .bss section in the
>> elf binary?
> It is on my system.

There may be other sections before .bss that are part of the BSS segment,
eg. the .sbss section on ia64 and powerpc, or the .plt section on

>> o To locate the span of virtual address of DATA segment and BSS
>> segment is a better Idea to read the virtual addess form the .data
>> and .bss sections of elf binary or depend on _etext , _edata (they
>> seem to be broken ?)
> For embedded ELF, it's better to write your own linker script that
> provides variables you can trust.

There is also the predefined symbol __bss_start.


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