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RE: Failed Dependencies - Binutils

On 30 May 2006 19:28, wrote:

> I?m triying to install oracle 9i database server in mi pc, and the engine
> present a problem while are installing, then i see the metalink for search
> solution for my problem. The solution recomended by oracle is upgrade the
> binutils(the version mencioned in the previous mail).

  That must be very old advice if it's telling you to try 2.10, which was
released 07-Nov-2000!  It was probably telling people there was a bug in 2.9
which affected the installation.  Your system probably already has an
up-to-date binutils, and although very occasionally old bugs are reintroduced,
it's more likely that whatever problem is affecting your installation isn't
the same bug, and that your up-to-date binutils probably already has the fix
for whatever bug that advice was talking about.

  If by any chance your system does have an old version of binutils, go for
the most recent release - 2.16 was the last, and 2.17 is coming up soon.

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