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Re: environ is autofiltered from dll export list?

Dave Korn wrote:
On 23 May 2006 22:02, Pedro Alves wrote:

Also, while looking at it, why are _fmode, _impure_ptr,
cygwin_attach_dll, cygwin_premain0, cygwin_premain1, cygwin_premain2,
cygwin_premain3 and environ in the autofilter_symbolprefixlist[] instead
of the autofilter_symbollist[]? Probably an oversight.

Actually, it really suggests that "cygwin_premain" should be in the prefix list. The others should probably move to the symbol list as you suggest.

Ok, I can provide a patch for that, but I would like to understand the environ part of my question first.

> char** environ is explicitly disabled from dll exporting in pe-dll.c's autofilters. Why is it? I tried to look in the archives,
> back when the auto-importing was introduced, but couldn't find the rationale.
> Should every dll have its own environ?

I think this was needed when there was no auto-importing, and cygwin defined environ as __cygwin_environ:

Is it still needed? In that case I will have to conditionally compile out that part for arm-wince-pe target.

Pedro Alves

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