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Re: [PATCH] Better checking of ISA/ASE/ABI options for MIPS gas

No. No more reading the minds of programmers. :)

Well, for GP registers we do even as_bad().


And why change the table to include default extensions for the cpu?

To handle them the same way as the ISA. This is for ASEs which are always implemented in that particular CPU.

You'll need to look through the code and make sure we aren't depending on
the value not being zero somewhere then. To be honest I'd just prefer another
field for "default ASEs".

/* End of GCC-shared inference code. */

You need to make sure that this shared code is the same logic in both places - preferably before committing this.

Yes. Do you think the logic is ok (modulo the FP ABI warning)?

I do. :)

+#if 0 /* XXX FIXME */
+  /* 32 bit code with 64 bit FP registers.  */
+  if (!file_mips_fp32 && ABI_NEEDS_32BIT_REGS (mips_abi))
+    elf_elfheader (stdoutput)->e_flags |= ???;


Same like for MIPS3D, we should tell the linker this object is (possibly)
incompatible to other O32 objects with 32bit FP regs.

More comments then :)


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