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Re: [PATCH] Better checking of ISA/ASE/ABI options for MIPS gas

I'm somewhat uncertain about the ABI incompatibility warning for wrong FP register widths, does it make sense to force a different FP register width in the assembler in some cases?

No. No more reading the minds of programmers. :)

btw, the indention on the code in the diff is wacky. I assume it's correct in your files?

@@ -1031,7 +1052,13 @@ static int validate_mips_insn (const str
struct mips_cpu_info
const char *name; /* CPU or ISA name. */
- int is_isa; /* Is this an ISA? (If 0, a CPU.) */
+ int flags;
+#define MIPS_CPU_IS_ISA 0x0001 /* Is this an ISA? (If 0, a CPU.) */
+#define MIPS_CPU_ASE_SMARTMIPS 0x0002 /* CPU implements SmartMIPS ASE */
+#define MIPS_CPU_ASE_DSP 0x0004 /* CPU implements DSP ASE */
+#define MIPS_CPU_ASE_MT 0x0008 /* CPU implements MT ASE */
+#define MIPS_CPU_ASE_MIPS3D 0x0010 /* CPU implements MIPS-3D ASE */
+#define MIPS_CPU_ASE_MDMX 0x0020 /* CPU implements MDMX ASE */
int isa; /* ISA level. */
int cpu; /* CPU number (default CPU if ISA). */

Ugh. Can you haul these defines out somewhere else? And why change the table to include default extensions for the cpu?

/* End of GCC-shared inference code. */

You need to make sure that this shared code is the same logic in both places - preferably before committing this.

+#if 0 /* XXX FIXME */
+  /* 32 bit code with 64 bit FP registers.  */
+  if (!file_mips_fp32 && ABI_NEEDS_32BIT_REGS (mips_abi))
+    elf_elfheader (stdoutput)->e_flags |= ???;



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