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Re: problems with gas in AIX 5.2

Hi Mauricio,

But, I want to use binutils because I want to do some modifications in
the assembler.

Do you mean that you want to edit the assembler output of the compiler by hand, before passing it on to the assembler itself, or do you mean that you want the assembler to perform some changes to the code as it converts it into an object file ?

So, I have to build gcc with the native assembler and to
assemble my applications with the GNU assembler using the mentioned scheme:

I assume that you are using the most recent sources for the assembler, correct ?

Then, my original question is: is this a known problem of binutils in
AIX-5.X, and if there is a patch or some compile/assembly options that
can overcome or avoid this problem.

Unfortunately I am not familiar with the AIX port of the assembler, so I cannot tell you if it is a known problem. Perhaps if you can put together a small test case that demonstrates the problem, someone can look at it.


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