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Re: `.sym' referenced in section `reloc_sym' of file.o: defined in discarded section `.text.sym' of file.o

--- Alan Modra wrote:
> It's special because it is non-alloc, non-load.  --gc-sections does not
> remove such sections, but does not treat their relocs specially.
> ie. unless reloc_paramcode_section is itself referenced from somewhere,
> its relocs will not be examined to see whether other sections referenced
> by it should be kept.
> See  Perhaps
> I should have restricted that change to sections without relocs.  That
> would still keep sections like .comment and .note.GNU-stack, but drop
> your "special" section.  I'm applying the following:
> 	* elflink.c (elf_gc_sweep): Don't specially keep non-alloc,
> 	non-load sections if they have relocs.
> Index: bfd/elflink.c
> ===================================================================
> RCS file: /cvs/src/src/bfd/elflink.c,v
> retrieving revision 1.213
> diff -u -p -r1.213 elflink.c
> --- bfd/elflink.c	11 May 2006 15:55:40 -0000	1.213
> +++ bfd/elflink.c	17 May 2006 00:28:23 -0000
> @@ -8965,7 +8965,7 @@ elf_gc_sweep (bfd *abfd, struct bfd_link
>  	{
>  	  /* Keep debug and special sections.  */
>  	  if ((o->flags & (SEC_DEBUGGING | SEC_LINKER_CREATED)) != 0
> -	      || (o->flags & (SEC_ALLOC | SEC_LOAD)) == 0)
> +	      || (o->flags & (SEC_ALLOC | SEC_LOAD | SEC_RELOC)) == 0)
>  	    o->gc_mark = 1;
>  	  if (o->gc_mark)

  Thanks, that works:

/home/etienne/projet/toolchain/bin/ld boot.o user.o debug.o library.o disk.o util.o
gzlib.o kbd.o fs.o vmlinuz.o mouse.o main.o font.o   -nostdlib -Tboot.lnk
--sort-common --cref --warn-section-align --no-check-sections --gc-sections -o boot.elf
/home/etienne/projet/toolchain/bin/ld: warning: no memory region specified for loadable
section `.rel.dyn'
/home/etienne/projet/toolchain/bin/objcopy --output-target=binary boot.elf boot.bin

> > ld: error: no memory region specified for loadable section `.rel.dyn'

  Looks like that is now a warning - I do not understand why.
  Someone on the list plans to remove the warning if the section is empty, or
 shall I create a dummy?

  Thanks again,


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