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Re: problems with gas in AIX 5.2

Nick Clifton wrote:
> Hi Mauricio,

Hi Nick and others

thanks for your reply

> Why not use gcc-4.0.2 to assemble the file as well ?  ie why use a
> different assembler from the one that forms part of the gcc-4.0.2
> toolchain ?

I have built gcc-4.0.2 with the native (IBM) assembler and linker, with
 these toolchain "my" application compiles and assembles correctly. I
can not build gcc with binutils because there is some documented
problems of building gcc with binutils on AIX 5.2.

But, I want to use binutils because I want to do some modifications in
the assembler. So, I have to build gcc with the native assembler and to
assemble my applications with the GNU assembler using the mentioned scheme:

powerpc-ibm-aix5.2.0.0-gcc-4.0.2 [...] -S -o file.s file.c
binutils-2.16.1/as -mppc -o file.o file.s

But, using this approach the application (FFMPEG) breaks with a
segmentation fault.

By looking at the generated binaries I think that the problem is in the
GNU assembler.

Then, my original question is: is this a known problem of binutils in
AIX-5.X, and if there is a patch or some compile/assembly options that
can overcome or avoid this problem.

Thanks for your comments.

Mauricio Alvarez

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