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Re: intl directory: gcc vs. src

Steve Ellcey <> writes:

> By removing the AM_PROG_INSTALL definition from aclocal.m4 I was able to
> run autoconf 2.59 on the src tree intl subdir with no problems but I was
> wondering if we should take the time to synchronize the GCC intl
> directory with the src tree intl directory.  The GCC version is already
> configured with autoconf 2.59.
> I did some testing by copying my GCC intl directory (plus config.rpath)
> into my src tree and I was able to build binutils and gas with no
> problem and with no other changes needed.  This was on a system where
> libintl was not installed and the intl subdir was built.
> What do people who build in a combined tree do with intl?  Do they use
> the GCC version or the src tree version?  Is there any consensus about
> whether or not there should be a single version of intl, and if so,
> which one should be used?

Yes, there should be a single version of intl.  I don't think anybody
cares which version is used, as long as it works.  If you have taken
the time to test a unified intl, and are prepared to fix any problems,
I think your patch would be great.


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