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Re: i wanna add new target to official release

Hi Ligang,

Hi Nick,

You do know that your email was sent to a mailing list and not just me, right ?

I have ported Binutils to a 32 bit chip designed by a Chinese IC design
Now, We want to release the Binutils code to GNU official.
What's the step?

Arrange for the assignment of your copyright for this work to be assigned to the FSF. This process can be started by filling in the attached email form and sending it off.

Once that process is complete you can submit the patches to this list and we will review them, and if they are acceptable, we will integrate them into the source tree. There are a couple of points to bear in mind about this process that will make it easier for us to complete this second step:

  1.  Please ensure that your code has followed the GNU Coding
      Standards.  It makes it much easier for us to read, and ensures 	
      that all the code in the binutils project has a uniform style.

  2.  Please make sure that you have created ChangeLog entries to
      describe what your patches do.  Just follow the examples of
      already existing ChangeLog entries.  (Note: most directories in
      the binutils sources have a ChangeLog.  Please use the ChangeLog
      file that is in the same directory as the changes that are made

  3.  If your patch is quite big, (I expect that it will be), then
      please split it up into several different emails, as this will
      avoid readers of this mailing list from having to download a huge
      email.  Ideally you could split the patch up based on the major
      directories of the binutils project (gas, bfd, ld, binutils).
      Also it helps if you include the actual patches as compressed
      attachments, as this will make them quicker to download and easier
      to skip if the reader does not want to see them.

  4.  It helps if you can create new directories in the GAS and LD
      testsuite directories that check your particular target.  Having
      these allows us to check to see if any changes made to the generic
      sources are going to have any unforeseen side effects on your



Please email the following information to, and we
will send you the assignment form for your past and future changes.
Please use your full name as the subject line of the message.

[What is the name of the program or package you're contributing to?]

[Did you copy any files or text written by someone else in these changes?
Even if that material is free software, we need to know about it.]

[Do you have an employer who might have a basis to claim to own
your changes?  Do you attend a school which might make such a claim?]

[For the copyright registration, what country are you a citizen of?]

[What year were you born?]

[Please write your email address here.]

[Please write your snail address here.]

[Which files have you changed so far, and which new files have you written
so far?]


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