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Re: V850, linker script problem

On Tue, May 09, 2006 at 10:35:32PM +0200, Torsten Mohr wrote (much
> This brings up another question, to my understanding i need to place
> .sdata and .rosdata near together, else i can't chose a __gp that is
> within +- 0x8000 of all addresses of those two sections.
> What is the preferred way to do that?  At the moment i have placed
> .rosdata _into_ .sdata, i did not find a location in ROM that is
> near enough to .sdata .  But this can't be the preferred way,
> as .rosdata should be in ROM to my understanding.

Are you basing your work on any of the linker scripts that the v850e-gcc
build process ought to have squirrelled away in the general vicinity of
/usr/local/v850e/lib/ldscripts/ ? At least v850.x shows a suitable way
to handle .rosdata .

> At the moment there's another problem with this, i'll try to track
> that down next.  But setting up "insight" as a simulator for v850 did
> not work...

Sorry I can't advise there. Having had the luxury of a real ICE, I
haven't tried gdb or similar.

> Regarding objdump -h: i took these informations from the linker map
> file, it shows basically the same info (it shows if there is a
> different load address).

The only reason for suggesting objdump is that it immediately shows how
the sections chain through memory, and one starting at a wrong address
often has a cause in its predecessor. YMMV

> Also, i tried readelf -S on the single object files to track the
> problem with .sdata and .tdata down.  They are not contained in any of
> the object files.

Ah well, if no clues are being shaken loose, then perhaps you're right;
it's time to be satisfied that you have it working. :-)


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