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Re: sections, overview of their meaning?

Hi Torsten,

Basically, i'd like to ask for nearly all sections in the
original V850 linker script, except the obvious ones like
.text, .data, .bss, ... .  What is ".dynamic" doing, what
are all the .rel* and .rela* for?
What about .ctors and .dtors?  They sound like C++ constructors
and destructors, but do they contain code (ROM) or data (RAM)
used in the constructors?

Others have already answered your question, but I would just like to mention that just because a section appears in a linker script, that does not mean that it is used. Any section in a linker script which does not match any sections in the input files to a particular link will not appear in the output of that link.

Quite often linker scripts are created by taking an already existing linker script and adding any extra section definitions needed by the particular target processor. Since unused section descriptions make no difference to the linker's output they are just ignored, and so scripts can end up with quite a few section definitions that have no purpose but which can be quite baffling to anyone reading it.


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