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[PATCH, ARM] "Neon-style" VFP syntax for assembler


This patch implements the revised syntax for ARM VFP instructions based on the syntax used for Neon instructions.

Various things have been changed internally from the previous Neon support: classification of "instruction shapes" has been made a bit more powerful, which is particularly useful for disambiguating the extended set of vmov and vcvt instructions. Type checking has been extended to cover the slightly different semantics of VFP element types (where each element generally fills a register), and an F64 type has been introduced to the Neon machinery.

VFP data-processing instructions may be conditional in ARM mode whereas Neon versions are unconditional. This necessitates some extra checking, which I hope I've got right -- I've added some tests which cover the tricky cases, I think.

Tested with "make check" with cross to arm-none-eabi, with a couple of tests added. OK to apply to CSL branch? Mainline?



ChangeLog (gas):

    * config/tc-arm.c (stdarg.h): include.
    (arm_it): Add uncond_value field. Add isvec and issingle to operand
    (arm_reg_type): Add REG_TYPE_VFSD (single or double VFP reg) and
    REG_TYPE_NSDQ (single, double or quad vector reg).
    (reg_expected_msgs): Update.
    (BAD_FPU): Add macro for unsupported FPU instruction error.
    (parse_neon_type): Support 'd' as an alias for .f64.
    (parse_typed_reg_or_scalar): Support REG_TYPE_VFSD, REG_TYPE_NSDQ
    sets of registers.
    (parse_vfp_reg_list): Don't update first arg on error.
    (parse_neon_mov): Support extra syntax for VFP moves.
    (operand_parse_code): Add OP_RVSD, OP_RNSDQ, OP_VRSDLST, OP_RVSD_IO,
    (parse_operands): Support isvec, issingle operands fields, new parse
    codes above.
    (do_vfp_nsyn_mrs, do_vfp_nsyn_msr): New functions. Support VFP mrs,
    msr variants.
    (do_mrs, do_msr, do_t_mrs, do_t_msr): Add support for above.
    (NEON_ENC_TAB): Add vnmul, vnmla, vnmls, vcmp, vcmpz, vcmpe, vcmpez.
    (NEON_ENC_SINGLE, NEON_ENC_DOUBLE): Define macros.
    (NEON_SHAPE_DEF): New macro. Define table of possible instruction
    (neon_shape): Redefine in terms of above.
    (neon_shape_class): New enumeration, table of shape classes.
    (neon_shape_el): New enumeration. One element of a shape.
    (neon_shape_el_size): Register widths of above, where appropriate.
    (neon_shape_info): New struct. Info for shape table.
    (neon_shape_tab): New array.
    (neon_type_mask): Add N_F64, N_VFP. Update N_MAX_NONSPECIAL.
    (neon_check_shape): Rewrite as...
    (neon_select_shape): New function to classify instruction shapes,
    driven by new table neon_shape_tab array.
    (neon_quad): New function. Return 1 if shape should set Q flag in
    instructions (or equivalent), 0 otherwise.
    (type_chk_of_el_type): Support F64.
    (el_type_of_type_chk): Likewise.
    (neon_check_type): Add support for VFP type checking (VFP data
    elements fill their containing registers).
    (do_vfp_cond_or_thumb): Fill in condition field in ARM mode, or 0xE
    in thumb mode for VFP instructions.
    (do_vfp_nsyn_opcode): New function. Look up the opcode in argument,
    and encode the current instruction as if it were that opcode.
    (try_vfp_nsyn): New. If this looks like a VFP instruction with ARGS
    arguments, call function in PFN.
    (do_vfp_nsyn_add_sub, do_vfp_nsyn_mla_mls, do_vfp_nsyn_mul)
    (do_vfp_nsyn_abs_neg, do_vfp_nsyn_ldm_stm, do_vfp_nsyn_ldr_str)
    (do_vfp_nsyn_sqrt, do_vfp_nsyn_div, do_vfp_nsyn_nmul)
    (do_vfp_nsyn_cmp, nsyn_insert_sp, do_vfp_nsyn_push)
    (do_vfp_nsyn_pop, do_vfp_nsyn_cvt, do_vfp_nsyn_cvtz): New functions.
    Redirect Neon-syntax VFP instructions to VFP instruction handlers.
    (do_neon_dyadic_i_su, do_neon_dyadic_i64_su, do_neon_shl_imm)
    (do_neon_qshl_imm, do_neon_logic, do_neon_bitfield)
    (neon_dyadic_misc, neon_compare, do_neon_tst, do_neon_qdmulh)
    (do_neon_fcmp_absolute, do_neon_step, do_neon_sli, do_neon_sri)
    (do_neon_qshlu_imm, neon_move_immediate, do_neon_mvn, do_neon_ext)
    (do_neon_rev, do_neon_dup, do_neon_rshift_round_imm, do_neon_trn)
    (do_neon_zip_uzp, do_neon_sat_abs_neg, do_neon_pair_long)
    (do_neon_recip_est, do_neon_cls, do_neon_clz, do_neon_cnt)
    (do_neon_swp): Use neon_select_shape not neon_check_shape. Use
    (vfp_or_neon_is_neon): New function. Call if a mnemonic shared
    between VFP and Neon turns out to belong to Neon. Perform
    architecture check and fill in condition field if appropriate.
    (do_neon_addsub_if_i, do_neon_mac_maybe_scalar, do_neon_abs_neg)
    (do_neon_cvt): Add support for VFP variants of instructions.
    (neon_cvt_flavour): Extend to cover VFP conversions.
    (do_neon_mov): Rewrite to use neon_select_shape. Add support for VFP
    vmov variants.
    (do_neon_ldr_str): Handle single-precision VFP load/store.
    (do_neon_ld_st_interleave, do_neon_ld_st_lane, do_neon_ld_dup): Use
    (opcode_tag): Add OT_csuffixF for operands which either take a
    conditional suffix, or have 0xF in the condition field.
    (md_assemble): Add support for OT_csuffixF.
    (NCE): Replace macro with...
    (NCE_tag, NCE, NCEF): New macros.
    (nCE): Replace macro with...
    (nCE_tag, nCE, nCEF): New macros.
    (insns): Add support for VFP insns or VFP versions of insns msr,
    mrs, vsqrt, vdiv, vnmul, vnmla, vnmls, vcmp, vcmpe, vpush, vpop,
    vcvtz, vmul, vmla, vmls, vadd, vsub, vabs, vneg, vldm, vldmia,
    vldbdb, vstm, vstmia, vstmdb, vldr, vstr, vcvt, vmov. Group shared
    VFP/Neon insns together.

ChangeLog (gas/testsuite):

    * gas/arm/itblock.s: New file. Helper macro for making all-true IT
    * gas/arm/neon-cond-bad-inc.s: New test. Make sure unconditional
    Neon instructions are rejected...
    * gas/arm/neon-cond-bad.s: In ARM mode, and...
    * gas/arm/neon-cond-bad_t2.s: Accepted in Thumb mode (with IT).
    * gas/arm/neon-cond-bad.l: Expected error output in ARM mode.
    * gas/arm/neon-cond-bad.d: Control ARM mode test.
    * gas/arm/neon-cond-bad_t2.d: Expected output in Thumb mode.
    * gas/arm/vfp-neon-syntax-inc.s: Test VFP Neon-style syntax.
    * gas/arm/vfp-neon-syntax.s: ARM mode.
    * gas/arm/vfp-neon-syntax_t2.s: ...and Thumb mode.
    * gas/arm/vfp-neon-syntax.d: Expected output in ARM mode.
    * gas/arm/vfp-neon-syntax_t2.d: Expected output in Thumb mode.

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