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Re: Binutils on arm : pls advice me how to proceed

Daniel Jacobowitz wrote:
On Thu, May 04, 2006 at 07:55:07PM +0200, Danny Backx wrote:
Pedro Alves and I sent some message on the list that indicate where we
think some of the problem areas are.

Clearly, something must be wrong with those messages, as there appears
to be little attention being payed to them.

Can someone help me by telling me what I'm missing ?
Am I sending the wrong information ?
Am I talking to the wrong public ?
Am I boring and should I just shut up ? :-)

The maintainers are always busy; it sometimes takes a long time and a
couple of tries to get a response. Patience is very important.
I'm patient. :)
Fixes for WinCE don't normally get a lot of attention, because there's
a relatively small user base.

Yes, I hope that the cegcc project can grow into "the" toolchain for wince development with
gnu tools. When I started using arm-wince-* tools, the thing that almost kept me off, was the fact that
the user base was so disperse. Some patches here and there, a few other places with prebuilt toolchains,
but no central identity, like say, cygwin or mingw. Well, actually not quite true, there was/is GNUWINCE from
Voxware, but at the time I thought it was a dead project.

FWIW, I skimmed some of the patches that have been sent; #ifdefs
are rarely OK. Although some are probably needed since the WinCE
loader is so different from typical ARM loaders, it's important to
minimize them, and to figure out (A) what the differences are supposed
to be, and (B) where the most effective place to implement the changes
I have to admit, I don't yet get the full picture of my own changes. I based my work on making the head version of binutils
generate the same objects and images as the old (as in one year and a half ago) did. I am sure some (as in most) #ifdefs there are in the wrong place,
but to my limited knowledge they were the best place I could find that would have minimum code changes.
I would love to hear some directions of how to clean them up.

Another thing that helps to make your changes clear is new
testcases; if there had been enough testcases for the special WinCE
needs, it probably wouldn't have broken.

Cheers, Pedro Alves

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