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Binutils on arm : pls advice me how to proceed

I was (am) interested in contributing to the free/open software world, I
did so in the past on other projects (e.g. ).

After I purchased my PDA I noticed two things :
- almost no documentation on how to develop on it (with GNU software)
- forked software: several different distributions of the GNU
  compile/link toolchain, apparently unrelated and incompatible.

I want to help pursue these items. I've been learning, and a lot of
people have pointed me in the right direction for information, or have
helped solve my problems.

However, the reports I've sent in on the binutils list appear to go
nowhere. I have no doubt that I'm doing something wrong.

One of the things I'd like to accomplish is reduce the forking. 

One of the forks I see is between the real binutils and some branches of
it ( , the pocketpc-*
packages in Debian, the Voxware work

Pedro Alves and I sent some message on the list that indicate where we
think some of the problem areas are.

Clearly, something must be wrong with those messages, as there appears
to be little attention being payed to them.

Can someone help me by telling me what I'm missing ?
Am I sending the wrong information ?
Am I talking to the wrong public ?
Am I boring and should I just shut up ? :-)



P.S. After removing the reasons for the forks, there's other things I
can make myself useful with. Documentation, better integration, .. .
Danny Backx ; danny.backx - at - ;

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