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"ld --wrapper" but without changing legacy executable, possible?

[ARM]Binutils trunk build failure

[committed] Don't create opd for undefined weak symbols

[committed] Fix missing hgot assignment in elfxx-mips.c

[committed] Fix type of local variable in elfxx-mips.c

[committed] ia64 gas patch

[committed] Make is_ppc_elf_target return true for VxWorks files

[committed] Use the correct page size in the PowerPC VxWorks tests

[committted] Correct flag bit in HP-UX 11 PA-RISC .tbss special section

Re: [elf64-hppa] Add grok_{prstatus,psinfo} methods

Re: [hppa] Fix disassembly of bb condition codes

[M32C-ELF] : Improper follow-up of bss section

[m32c] cpu updates

[m32c] mul.l, mulu.l

Re: [m68k] arch flag cleanup v2

[m68k] Final part of architecture cleanup

[patch/comment ping] utilizing $LIBPATH_SUFFIX with non-sysroot cross-ld

[PATCH] Add DW_CFA_val_* support in readelf -wf

[PATCH] Add install-html support to binutils.

Re: [PATCH] add linker relaxation support for avr port rev. 6

[patch] Arm dwarf line debug info

[patch] Arm ELF header version

[patch] Arm ldm and stm

[patch] Arm mapping symbols

Re: [patch] Arm SVC instruction

[patch] Armv7 rejects some instructions

Re: [PATCH] Fix binutils html target.

[PATCH] Fix cgen's insert_normal() function for operating on a 64-bit host

[PATCH] fix for bug 2494

[patch] Incorrect opcode for Thumb ldrbt

[patch] ldr reg,=N for Thumb-2

[patch] Missing error messages for Arm parse errors

Re: [Patch] New --add-stdcall-underscore compatibilty option for dlltool built import libs

[Patch] New --add-stdcall-underscore compatibilty option for dlltool built import libs

[PATCH] New option --print-gc-sections

[patch] TBB parse errors

[patch] Thumb-2 conditional execution improvements

[patch] Unbreak Arm blx relocations

[PATCH]: elf32-m32c.c: Initialise the gap variable

[ping] Re: [elf64-hppa] Add grok_{prstatus,psinfo} methods

[PR 2494] PDP-11: Wrong opcode for SEC/CLC

[RFC] install-html target.

[VAX] Make md_chars_to_number() static

[VAX] Update copyright year for gas/config/tc-vax.[ch]

[x86-64] Large model relocation

about libc function interfaces and ld --wrap

Add --force-dynamic flag to VxWorks targets

Add _GLOBAL_OFFSET_TABLE_ to .dynsym for VxWorks

Re: Add support for on FreeBSD - Third try

Add support for on FreeBSD and DragonFly - Fourth try

Re: arm-elf-ld 2.16.1 crash at bfd/elf32-arm.c:5536

Re: arm-elf-nm --print-size fails on static variables

binutils & autoconf update

binutils 2.17 branch

binutils bug or glibc bug

binutils cross compilation..

binutils for arm-wince-pe build broken on cygwin?

Binutils Port

RE: Binutils Port - Infineon xc16x family.



Blackfin disassembler fixes

Blackfin patch: Add new FD-PIC relocs

Blackfin patch: BFD support for FD-PIC

Blackfin patch: Delete code to handle certain relocs

Blackfin patch: FD-PIC assembler bits

Blackfin patch: Linker bits for FD-PIC (and ld.pot question)

Broken -frepo (was Re: PATCH: PR ld/1396: prohibited cross reference to a local symbol)

build errors --bfd directory

can't build x86-32 libc on x86-64 with mainline binutils

Changed behaviour of --as-needed

check this out...

Choose a better GP for ia64?

Compiled for big endian target is little endian ld error

Cross compilatiing binutils

details of address relocation procedure

Does --as-needed work for linker script ?

eh_frame missing.

error during libstd++

failed gcc-4.0.3-1(Debian) bootstrap with ARM VFP and binutils-2.16.1cvs20060117-1

Fix for PR 1860

Fix gas/configure --help output

fix ppc32 -msecure-plt TLS relaxation GD->LE

fix Xtensa --text-section-literals option for GNU/Linux

fix Xtensa assembler for prefixed rsr/xsr/wsr opcodes

Fixing plt generation on powerpc-vxworks

GCC 4.1.0 build error (as doesn't like code produced by xgcc)

Re: glibc 2.4 crosscompiler

HI and LO qualifiers in MIPS assembly

How does one define a custom architecture to as and ld

Incorrect Thumb-2 czb encoding

Insight-6.4 debugger configure script on fedora core 5


ld --as-needed assertion fail, BFD internal error and crash

ld includes entire archive (.a) when compiling .elf file

RE: ld includes entire archive (.a) when compiling .elf file - working

ld: how to force symbol resolution in shlibs on Linux

linker debug info editing

Looking to contribute OMF support

m32c: fix local symbol calculations for section relaxing.

m68k : why is bra an alias for braw, not jra

maintainer update: add support for recent AVR microcontrollers

A MIPS --emit-relocs fix

mips-vxworks support

New Swedish PO file for `gprof'

New Swedish PO file for `opcodes'

NOLOAD attribute

objcopy - redefine dynamic symbols

PATCH for PR 246

patch status: ARM TLS support?

PATCH: binutils/2467: "ar q" / ranlib has large memory use (linear in archive size)

PATCH: Choose a better GP for ia64

PATCH: elf32-arm.c fix (committed)

PATCH: fewer magic numbers in binutils/resbin.c

PATCH: Fix PR 2267

PATCH: gas/app.c cleanup

PATCH: improve gprof error message

Re: PATCH: ld/2338: objdump -d -l doesn't work correctly

PATCH: ld/2411: ELF linker fails to create executable with more than 64k sections

PATCH: ld/2442: ia64 ld slow with many local relocs (O(N^2) in get_dyn_sym_info)

PATCH: ld/2462: -Wl,-s always output unused bytes at the end

Re: PATCH: Linker failed to handle symbols with mismatched types

PATCH: Optimize ia64 linker relaxation

PATCH: Optimize relaxation passes

PATCH: PR binutils/2428: rep and repz are misdisassembled

PATCH: PR ld/2443: Dwarf2 reader doesn't handle file 0 correctly

PATCH: remove contrib directory?

PATCH: remove some casts from bucomm.c

PATCH: Support more than 2 relaxation passes

PATCH: synchronise include/elf/dwarf2.h

Ping: unreviewed sparc-vxworks patch

Re: PPC32 TLS GD and LD force old GOT/PLT layout

Prevent duplicate dynamic relocs for MIPS TLS

problem facing while upgrading from v2.13 to v2.16 of binutils

Problem with gcc4 (gcc 4.0.2-9) and binutils 2.16.1 on debian

Providing C level symbols via linker scripts

question about memory allocate and free

questions about relax

Re ld/dlltool - .def file format error

readelf fixes

Re: really confused by mips target formats

Remove incorrect Xtensa BFD assertion

Results for 060316 20060316 testsuite on sparc-unknown-linux-gnu

Results for 060316 20060316 testsuite on sparc64-unknown-linux-gnu

Results for gcc testsuite on vax-dec-linux-gnu

RFC: PATCH: ld/2442: ia64 ld slow with many local relocs (O(N^2) in get_dyn_sym_info)

Small tweaks to the i386 VxWorks tests

Small VxWorks cleanup

Some m68k compatibility fixes

sparc-vxworks support

Static build of binutils 2.16.1

User-mode support for arm-vxworks

using BFD to load and reloc a simple file

Wrong symbol index generated in object file

Xtensa GAS port: loosen loop alignment requirements

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