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Re: dynsym/dynstr/relocs sorting speedup #2

On Fri, 2006-01-27 at 17:56 +0000, Nick Clifton wrote:
> >       Sure - will do; where do we go from here ?
> Here's a quick thought - why not create a branch in binutils for
> all of this work ?  Then you can happily check in all of your changes
> and other people can see what you are doing, but you won't
> disturb the mainline sources until you a ready with a fully
> working, tested, faster linker ?

	Sounds good to me; it's rather a pain editing patches, particularly
separate ones. I've been polishing the combination of -Bdirect,
-hashvals, -zdynsort as separate patches; but that makes cross-patch
optimizations rather tough. eg. there are some nice wins possible from
combining dynsort with -Bdirect to ensure named relocations walk the
specified target library's hash linearly.

	Anyhow - I guess I'm covered by Novell's blanket copyright assignment
for this sort of work; it'd be great to get it into cvs.



--  <><, Pseudo Engineer, itinerant idiot

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