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Re: Ld segfault

I believe it is the same as PR ld/1301, which I fixed on 2005-09-06. If
you use the Linux binutils, you should be OK.

On Thu, Nov 10, 2005 at 04:18:04PM +0100, Viti Davide wrote:
> Hi,
> I'd like to have some help with the following problem:
> I've reproduced it with a cross-linker targeting ppc, amd64:
>  ld -u${SYMBOL} -o /lib/
> Where SYMBOL is one of "h_errno", "errno", "__resp".
> On i386, m68k, mips it works fine (haven't tried any other arches).
> Here's a backtrace:
> (gdb) bt
> #0  _bfd_default_error_handler (fmt=0x4d753a "") at bfd.c:481
> #1  0x0042eb2c in _bfd_elf_merge_symbol (abfd=0x683350, info=0x4e9d70, 
>     name=0x7581f0 "__resp", sym=0x6b9008, psec=<incomplete type>, 
>     pvalue=<incomplete type>, pold_alignment=0x0, sym_hash=0x22ea7c, 
>     skip=0x22ea80, override=0x22eac0, type_change_ok=0x22ea84, 
>     size_change_ok=0x22ea88) at elflink.c:952
> #2  0x0042f3ca in _bfd_elf_add_default_symbol (abfd=0x683350,
> info=0x4e9d70, 
>     h=0x758190, name=0x74d640 "__resp@@GLIBC_PRIVATE", sym=0x6b9008, 
>     psec=<incomplete type>, value=<incomplete type>, dynsym=0x22ec30, 
>     override=0) at elflink.c:1388
> #3  0x00433686 in bfd_elf_link_add_symbols (abfd=0x683350,
> info=0x4e9d70)
>     at elflink.c:4043
> #4  0x00409624 in load_symbols (entry=0x671fc0, place=0x22ed00)
>     at ldlang.c:1869
> #5  0x0040a02d in open_input_bfds (s=0x0, force=2288896) at
> ldlang.c:2279
> #6  0x0040f345 in lang_process () at ldlang.c:4743
> #7  0x004119c5 in main (argc=6, argv=0x671e30) at .././ld/ldmain.c:458
> I can provide more infos if needed.
> Thanx in advance for your help,
> Davide
> --
> A script is what you give the actors. A program is what you give the
> audience.
>  -- Larry Wall

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