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Re: housekeeping, -Wno-error

Hi Alan,

Are we assuming that gcc is the only supported compiler for binutils?

Good question.  I hadn't even thought about that, just followed Nick's
lead with -Wno-error in gas/.  -W{no-,}error probably ought to only
happen by default for gcc.

Actually I was waiting for Maciej's patch to fix this problem in the configure files. In the meantime however I was about to apply a Makefile based patch like this:

+ # Disable -Werror, if it has been enabled, when building generated C source
+ # files since old versions of bison & yacc will produce working code which
+ # contain compile time warnings.
+ NO_WERROR_COMPILE = $(COMPILE:Werror=Wno-error)
+ $(NO_WERROR_COMPILE) -c `basename $@ .o`.c

Which does not depend upon the host compiler being GCC. My bad for not applying this patch sooner. Ideally the configure based solution would be best since it could check for known good versions of bison/yacc/flex etc and keep -Werror enabled for them.


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