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Re: Binutils backwards incompatibilities?

Hi Jeff,

I am aware of a couple of incompatibilities with SH4 support. For one a subset of the relocations were renumbered; the second involves the treatment of relocation addends. We ship our kernel in such a manner that it needs to be relocated as it's being added to a boot image. The relocation addend change means that you can't relocate a kernel built with an older toolchain with the newer toolchain or vice versa.

Is this the kind of stuff I'd find in the NEWS files?

Not really no. The gas/NEWS file does mention that SH4A support was added for 2.15 but nothing is mentioned about reloc renumbering.

The long answer to your original question is that there is no formal system for collecting potential incompatibilities between different binutils releases and documenting them. Thus if you need to find out if a newer release will still work with binaries created with an older release the only way to be sure is to try it and see.


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