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Re: Binutils backwards incompatibilities?

I am aware of a couple of incompatibilities with SH4 support. For one a subset of the relocations were renumbered; the second involves the treatment of relocation addends. We ship our kernel in such a manner that it needs to be relocated as it's being added to a boot image. The relocation addend change means that you can't relocate a kernel built with an older toolchain with the newer toolchain or vice versa.

Is this the kind of stuff I'd find in the NEWS files?

Nick Clifton wrote:
Hi Jeff,

Is there any way to easily get a list of any potential backwards incompatibilities between binutils versions? We're finally looking to

move forward to a newer version (from 2.12.1 to 2.15, at least) but management needs to know about any gotchas before they'll sign off.

Have a look at the NEWS files in the ld/ binutils/ and gas/

In general there should not be any backwards incompatibilities from a user's perspective, with the possible exception of toolchains that have been rendered obsolete and are no longer supported.

From an application point view, (ie an application that uses the BFD library) there have been quite a few changes in the API, especially between 2.14 and 2.15. These are not normally documented, but will become obvious as soon as the application is rebuilt.


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