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[committed] Major rewrite to CRX Assembler


The following patch finishes the work i have started recently with major 
code cleanup in the CRX Assembler.
The patch makes the code much more readable and efficient, relating to how 
it was (reducing it by 20%).
The Assembler testsuite runs without errors.
Changes were already committed.

2004-11-29  Tomer Levi  <>

        * opcode/crx.h (enum operand_type): Rename rbase_cst4 to 
        Remove redundant instruction types.
        (struct argument): X_op - new field.
        (struct cst4_entry): Remove.
        (no_op_insn): Declare.

2004-11-29  Tomer Levi  <>

        * crx-opc.c (crx_optab): Mark all rbase_disps* operands as signed.
        (no_op_insn): Initialize array with instructions that have no 
        * crx-dis.c (make_instruction): Get rid of COP_BRANCH_INS operand 

2004-11-29  Tomer Levi  <>

        * gas/crx/br_insn.d: Fix error in expected disassembly.

2004-11-29  Tomer Levi  <>

        * config/tc-crx.c: Major code cleanup. Remove unused variables and 
        give functions a meaningful name, add comments. 
        (check_range): New function - Replace operand size calculation 
        with range checking.
        (assemble_insn): Update Algorithm, improve error issuing.
        (enum op_err): New - Operand error (for issuing operand error 
        (process_label_constant): Bug fix regarding COP_BRANCH_INS 
relocation handling.

      Tomer Levi

Software Engineer                                   phone: 
CompactRISC Development Tools  fax:        +49-8141-35-11-1378
National Semiconductor GmbH
Livry-Gargan Str. 10                                internet:
82256 Fuerstenfeldbruck, Germany

Attachment: asm_rewrite.patch
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