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Re: GNU DWARF augmentation authority

>>>>> On Tue, 23 Nov 2004 17:41:20 -0500 (EST), Daniel Berlin <> said:

  Daniel> You want to email the dwarf2/3 committee reflector
  Daniel> Email Michael Eager at
  Daniel> He's the committee chair, and should be able to add you to
  Daniel> the mailing list.

  >>  That's interesting.  I thought the augmentation string used by
  >> the GNU toolchain are purely a GNU extension.  Is that not so?

  Daniel> Depends on what you mean by "purely". If you mean we control
  Daniel> them, then yes, they are purely GNU.

  Daniel> However, i'm pretty sure they were discussed (as were other
  Daniel> extensions) on the reflector before they were implemented,
  Daniel> so as not to cause gratuitous problems with other
  Daniel> extensions, etc.

  Daniel> I'm sure Jason Merrill can correct me if i'm wrong about
  Daniel> this.

Who would be the person(s) to decided whether the extensions are OK
for GNU?  Since my (to be) proposed extension follow the GNU way of
interpreting the augmentation data, it seems to me that I should first
get approval (or at least a review/comments) for GNU first before
reaching out to the DWARF standard.  Does that make sense?


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