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Re: windres RC codepage


it seems my message was not delivered to the list, because it carried
ZIP attachment. My thread-leading message was successful, but the one
after Aaron's first reply weren't. So the list subscribers didn't see on
which Aaron was replying today. I'm resending that previous message as
well as the attachment that Aaron tested.

Aaron W. LaFramboise wrote:

>> There might be somebody who knows something about this
>> specifically, but if there isn't, it would really help to solve the
>> problem if you could narrow down the actual behavior. In
>> particular, create a minimal testcase, and verify one case windres
>> compiles it correctly, and one case where it doesn't. I'd be
>> willing to help with that if you need someone to run a test
>> program. In addition, if possible, check that against the behavior
>> of Microsoft's RC and see if they have the same problem.
>> This sort of thing should work, but I wouldn't be suprised if there
>> are problems, especially if wide characters are involved.

Thank you for the response, Aaron!

I'm attaching files where the problem is clear. The RC file is the
source. CzechWindows is RES (COFF) compiled by me -- it has good
encoding (Total Commander' File Viewer displays all czech accents
correctly in the Unicode mode). I use Windows XP Pro Czech Version under

I asked the aforementioned package maintainer in Sweden to compile the
RC as well. The two results is marked SwedishWindows. Each one with
different windres version (I asked him to upgrade to my newest windres
version to be comparable). He uses Windows XP SP2 English and has the
following languages installed: English (United States), Swedish.

Each of his two results (2.13.90 and 2.15.91) is different, but none is
ok, no UCS-2 as I expect.

What should be the best solution?

--- End of forwarded e-mail ---

Ian is telling that windres is not doing any codepage translation (which
I confirmed for myself some time ago in the source). Nevertheless under
Czech Windows (codepage 1250), the RC file in this encoding is correctly
written to COFF format in UCS-2 encoding! Even when on non-Czech Windows
in Sweden, with the Czech language support post-installed, windres will
not compile correct COFF. It seems strange to me.

May I ask someone to help shed some light on it?

Thanks in advance!


(Sometimes credited as 1494 F8DD 6379 4CD7 E7E3 1FC9 D750 4243 1F05 9424.)

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