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RE: Don't use STT_ARM_TFUNC for final links

> I made this change only for final links because it's less of 
> a compatibility
> issue than for relocatable output.  For EABI objects, 
> presumably we should
> do the same.  For non-EABI objects, I'm not sure if it should 
> be changed or
> left alone; I have no idea what other tools are affected.  
> However, since
> dynamic objects containing Thumb symbols did not work 
> properly before my
> last change, I see no reason to conditionalize it.

It needs to be done for objects too.  Without it, other toolchains can't
consume GAS assembled objects that claim to conform to the EABI.

There's no reason why the tricks shouldn't work on objects, so I think
it should be done there too.

As to the issue of backward compatibility, there shouldn't be a problem
in binutils, they will just do the appropriate transformation when
reading in object files.  As for other tools, then I think they are just
going to have to get used to the new form.  It is better that functions
really are tagged with STT_FUNC rather than a machine-dependent value,
and Thumb-ness really isn't that special.


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