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Re: Dejagnu: use -isystem to include system header files.

Hi Richard,

Or maybe builtins-config.h could include say <stdio.h> rather than <limits.h> so that it would pickup the newlib version and not the gcc version ?

That might be OK for this case, but I'm not sure if will solve the
problem generally.

I have confirmed that using <stdio.h> in place of <limits.h> does fix the unexpected failures.

Is there actually a general problem ? The issue seems to be which version of <limits.h> is included by a test case using the dejagnu test harness. If we include the newlib version then tests that use strict ANSI parsing will fail. If we include the version in the gcc build directory then tests that assume that <limits.h> has come from newlib will fail.

It seems to me that using -isystem to include header files in the newlib include directories is the correct thing to do. They are system header files after all. Assuming that you can determine whether you are going to link with a C-library created by newlib by #include'ing <limits.h> seems dodgy to me. Using <stdio.h> instead of <limits.h> is a workaround, but really the testcases ought to provide some weak aliases for the missing functions and then the _NEWLIB_VERSION check would be unnecessary. (It would limit the tests to only being run by targets which support weak aliases but I do not consider this to be a serious restriction).

I think the gcc/include directory must be added implicitly from the -B
option.  It would appear that these add -isystem type include
directories, so it might be just a matter of ordering the -B and
-isystem options appropriately.

But - how would this help in the situation where -ansi and -pedantic have been specified as well. In those cases we do not want to get the limits.h file from newlib.


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