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Re: Dejagnu: use -isystem to include system header files.

Hi Richard,

Nick Clifton wrote:
I am going to check in the attached patch which imports a fix from
the mainline dejagnu sources. This fix is to use the -isystem
switch to include system header files rather than -I. This fixes
several unexpected failures in the GCC and G++ testsuites where the
newlib system header file <limits.h> is included in strict ANSI
mode, and the compiler barfs on the #include_next directive.
Unfortunately this patch causes regressions on the gcc builtins tests. These tests rely on detecting newlib by looking for the definition of
_NEWLIB_VERSION being added by including limits.h; but the change in the
search order means that we now pick up a dummy version of newlib.h from
the gcc include directory.

With your patch the search path has now become


Whereas previously the gcc/include directory came later in the search.

Hmmm, maybe newlib could provide the "l" variants of the builtin functions ? What are these functions anyway ? Or maybe builtins-config.h could include say <stdio.h> rather than <limits.h> so that it would pickup the newlib version and not the gcc version ?

Alternatively - can you think of another way of solving the problem that my patch was originally fixing ? Namely that several GCC and G++ tests fail because they include <limits.h> whilst in strict ANSI mode and this fails because the newlib limits.h uses the GNU extension #include_next directive. My first patch to solve this - by undefining __GNUC__ if __STRICT_ANSI__ was defined was rejected on the gcc lists.


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